Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Part 1

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Over this three part series we will be sharing common design mistakes and how to avoid or fix them. Let’s jump right into it!

DESIGN MISTAKE NUMERO UNO: Your rug is probably too small!

“If you’re putting anything smaller than an 8x10 rug in your living or family room, then your space is likely rocking the “the floating magic carpet” look—you know, when your furniture is floating next to your too small of rug and nothing feels connected.

You’ll know that I put a rug in almost every room I design (yes, even over carpet). Rugs add that much needed color and texture into your room and I consider it the foundation to the design process. Like any other building process, it is crucial your foundation is strong enough to hold the rest together and I preach to start from the ground up.

Not only do they pull the room together but rugs can make a space feel large and gracious if they’re the right size. To avoid "the floating carpet look" do this: find an 8x10 (or 9x12, 10x15, etc. depending on the size of your living room) and make sure at least the front two legs of your sofa or sectional and chairs are over the rug. This is will ensure your foundation is solid and the rest of the space will all feel connected.

Entry Way Rugs

For your entryway, consider using a 5x7 or even 8x10 (if space allows) instead of the typical 2x3 we often see in front of doors. It not only makes your entry feel more gracious but also gives it a lot more interest and dimension. The entry is your guests first impression of your home so make sure it’s a good one! Don’t leave it at the rug, add in a center hall or console table to style in some extra drama to make a grand entrance. I'll have a blog coming up soon on how to style a console three ways, and hopefully this will help!

Kitchen Rugs

Another perfect spot to add a large scale rug is in your kitchen. Again, don’t go for any old 2x3 rug under your sink. Try using a long runner between your island and the opposite counter. We’re currently obsessed with antique runners and I put them everywhere I can, including the kitchen!

Don't be scared to go bigger when it comes to your area carpets. Think dramatic impact... You can do this by simply adding a carpet in the right size and don't forget to add color. Your area carpet should be considered a piece of art in the room.

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